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Start of New Campaign... players are screened to join.
Here are the basic rules to a New Campaign, Some friends and I will be running.

We do have a few requirements in terms of game skills. It will most likely require skilled knowledge of the use of MechHQ (a version that is stable for all of us). It will also require some skilled knowledge with the rules of Mechwarrior the RPG. Most of what I use will be from 2nd Edition, with a great deal of my personal modifications to those rules.

This campaign will primarily be for players that we have played with before, and who play fairly quickly in megamek, with good familiarity and skill.

Refusal War Campaign Rules
Before the first game of this campaign is played, all the primary mech forces, for each player, should be created/selected. ALL players, and any new players which join the campaign while it is underway, will need to start with stock/cannon omni variants.

Force Generation rules
The rules below describe the route taken to generate each players Clan Wolf forces and his Clan Jade Falcon forces. For any one battle, each player will only play units from one of these forces. So, on a game day we will roll to see which side each of the players will play on. One day you may play the Wolf forces you like, but on another day you may have to play the Falcon forces that you dont like. But that is just War, Refusal War. :-)

Generating TO&E for Mechs
The Total tonnage of a players initial group of mechs will be randomly generated for a total of around ~250-350 tons per star. Generating this tonnage is done by rolling a (2d9+2) x 5-tons. Every roll will generate a number from 4 through 20, by taking the number rolled and multiplying by 5 we get a tonnage range from 20-100 tons. The resulting tonnage is the tonnage of one of the players mechs. Repeat these same steps 4 times until the total number of mechs in the player force is completely generated. Do this same method 2 times, once for each players CW force and once for each players CJF force.

Each of the tonnages, rolled above, are the tonnages of the mechs that the player must use to choose his/her clan omni mechs. Only canon chasis are allowed, so no MFUK varients allowed and non canon chassis allowed. Going beyond any official varients will only be allowed by agreement amongst the GM's. It is recommended that all mechs chosen are omnimechs, as the gravity settings and game settings may change forcing altered pod space allocations that are best suited to match the planetary settings of the battle. Do not use jump jets in a combustible atmosphere, it is detrimental to your health, and not the way of the clans. The type of omni mechs that the player chooses at a given tonnage CAN NOT be changed during this campaign, so choose wisely for starting the campaign. Your mechs which are omni mechs can be fully customized by way of customization of the mechs pod space. Mechs chosen that are not omni mechs CAN NOT be changed from their canon configuration. All other omnimech units can be modified to fit the necessary battle conditions. If mechs are captured from salvage, then the player can trade out one of their other 4 mechs for a tonnage upgrade or downgrade if desired.

Command Mech
These are the rules for rolling up a player character's personal command mech(s). Each player character will have 1 "personal" command mech at his disposal. The commander can choose any mech from his units TO & E as his command mech, if one of the other 4 mechs are better suited for the mission specific objectives. To determine which mech chassis the commanders have available to them, you do the following: The mech tonnage for the command mech is generated by rolling 2d6 and multiplying the summed result by 5. This number is then added to 40 tons, thereby giving the tonnage of one of the players characters command mech. If your Commander wanted a lighter command mech, then he can drive one of the other mechs in the star.  . This gives a tonnage range for your command mech from 50-100 tons. If the command mech happens to be a medium mech then two positive quirks (unchangeable) can be given to this mech, if the command mech rolled is an heavy mech then one positive quirk is given to the command mech, and if the command mech rolled is an assault mech then the command mech has no positive quirks on its chassis. As an option, if players and GM's all agree then, players may roll twice for his command mechs tonnage, and then pick the better tonnage between the two tonnage options as his/her command mech. Again, it is highly recommended that the players commander choose Omni mech chassis' for each of their command mechs since this allows the player to choose the best Omni custom pod refit for each mission objective.

For this campaign whenever the commander is in his “command mech” he will gain an initiative bonus of +1 due to the commanders initiative while in this mech, as well as an improvement in both piloting or gunnery to 2/3. Outside of his command mech the commander loses this initiative bonus but his P/G skill of 2/3 is retained.

Pod Space Modifications
All pod space of a star commanders mechs will start out in one of the canon configurations chosen by the player. After each battle, to simulate the limitations of a units supply chain of spare parts when off world and far from the battle front, units omni mech will only be allowed to be modified by the units spare parts cache available. Spare parts caches will start out as 20 tons of parts, specified by each players, for his star before any battles take place. The spare parts cache will be all that is available for a player to modify any of his omnimech configurations. All canon non-omnimech, mech units will be fully restored to full strength before each battle, so that there is one good benefit to having a stock canon chasis in game. When parts on a mech are destroyed in battle, they are no longer available in the cache unless new ones are recovered.
The one big advantage for omnimechs is that, if you have enough parts in your supply cache to fill out two complete POD loadouts, then you can pick from these two POD space configurations on game day.

Replacement Mechs
If a player loses any one of his mechs, a new mech chassis tonnage is rolled to replace it. If a player loses his heaviest mech in battle, and a Fire Moth takes its place, then it is best not to lose valuable assets, as that is the Clan way. Quiaff?

Once all players TO&E forces are locked down for the campaign and all the available units are identified, then the "battle tonnage" for each battle/game is determined. The "battle tonnage" for a game is determined by a roll of 8d10 x5 tons. This is the max tonnage that each player can use for the game/battle for that day (if there is 8 hours or more for the battle). If there is not a lot of time (4-6 hours for the battle) then roll of 5d10 x5 for the max tonnage for the battle (Generally we should try using 1d10x5 tons of mechs for each hour of game time available). For this campaign, each side, be it Wolf or Falcon, will be played using the same battle tonnage limits for the total tonnage of the mechs/vehicles used in each battle. In later campaign games, the Wolf and Falcon forces will have differing max tonnage limits for each battle in order to add more realism. For the later campaign battles, in this campaign, mechs that are not fully repaired may be entered into the battle tonnage equation, for any advantage possible, in the march for victory. Battles for the Refusal War, assumes it is an ongoing war where it might not be possible to completely repair all mechs before each battle.

OPFOR Battles
For OPFOR we will roll 4d50 as a % of the players tonnage, rounder to the nearest 5 tons. Use of a random rats table to determine which Clan mech and varient would be encountered in battle.

Planetary Battlefields will be given by this page:

All items other than weapons, heatsinks, jump jets, and placeable equipment, do not need to be tracked in this campaign. Items that are fully restored by command are engines, gyros, sensors, life support, actuators, limbs and all armor. So your cache need only contain parts that re-supply your omnimech configurations.

PC Experience Points
Lastly, pilot improvements, ie. leveling up, happens slowly in my campaigns. I use a simple points system and give 2 XP pts to each PC, for a battle that is won, and 1 XP pt to each PC for a battle that is lost. Leveling up gunnery cost double what it cost to level up piloting of same skill. P and G can not be more than 2 different in campaign. I also award 1 additional XP point for every 100 points of Mech damage that the PC does in battle against an opponent that presents a threat. No damage credit is given for Immobile opponents that are fired upon, which are unable to fire back, as that is not the way of the Clans.

Pilot Skill Improvements (Leveling Up)
So if the players were 4/5 Pilots, normally it takes 10 points to level up a 5 piloting skill to a 4 piloting skill, and 20 points to level up a 5 gunnery skill to a 4 gunnery skill.

So if your pilot has a 4 piloting skill then it would take 20 points to level up his piloting skill to a 3 piloting skill. If your pilot has a 4 gunnery skill then it would take 40 points to level up his gunnery skill to a 3 gunnery skill.

So if your pilot has a 3 piloting skill then it would take 30 points to level up his piloting skill to a 2 piloting skill. If your pilot has a 3 gunnery skill then it would take 60 points to level up his gunnery skill to a 2 gunnery skill.

As for Edge increases, if you have no edge, then getting 1 edge cost 10 points. If you have 1 edge, then increasing to 2 edge costs 20 points. If you have 2 edge, then increasing to 3 edge costs 30 points.... etc...
Just FYI... We finally decided to run our Skye Rangers campaign instead... Which we play bi weekly.... On our private forums... So you may post in the skye rangers thread above or below if you have any interest.


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