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CarnageINC MekHQ Multiplayer Campaign
UPDATE 4-14-14

Hello guys,

When I realized how awesome MekHQ was I went crazy with flashbacks of my old tabletop days in Colorado Springs in the 90's.  I have devised a RPG style multiplayer campaign, it is entirely based off of trust in all participants due to limitations in the current MekHQ 0.3.3 version.  Just as in RPG games, you need someone to act as an GM.  The GM will generate missions for the players and then fill in the role as the OPFOR.  The system is also setup for player vs player.

I would like to note this campaign system is geared for those looking for a more 'realistic' universe play style.  It doesn't have equal BV factored into it since in the real world it is rarely a fair fight in any conflict.  A lot depends on a good GM to make this fun and challenging for all players.  In addition, players will also have to make smart decisions on fighting and force preservation, so it may not be for everyone.

Everyone in the community can use and change what they want with the files I am sharing.  I will update the zip files in the future if need be, as I have stated in the zip, it is a living document to be updated as needed.

UPDATE - I have attached a new campaign zip file that is a little more fine tuned.  I have gotten some interest from others who would like to join in on this campaign.  Sadly I had to cut my roster of players and GM's recently.  It appears it becomes to unwieldy if I have to many participates.  There was some confusion going on and slowed down everyone.  My apologies to those who would of like to have been part of it.

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.zip   CarnageINC MekHQ Campaign (Size: 127.29 KB / Downloads: 8)
Is there any news on this?
Hi Sil,

It is starting but so far Carnage has selected his GM's and found that his current limit is about 12 concurrent (house/merc) units (about a company to batallion level size each) total. So he is full for the moment. If any players drop or reduce availability he would then be open to adding more slots, but is currently at his limit.

There may always be openings for players as possible OPFOR's... but that is not yet determined.

I have updated the posting.

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