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Saperate Screen for Opposition Crew Capture
I'm using the new MekHQ 0.3.5 and I noticed a new enhancement to capture enemy crews. It was a great idea to include that, but I'm having a few problems.

I like to play battalian sized tank games, and each tank have an average of 5 crews. If I destroyed all the OpsFor, I will capture a total of 180 crews, mixed with my own 180 crews. Lets say that I want to 'unkill' a crew of mine, I need to search the entire list of 360 crews.

Would it be possible to saperate the screen for my owns crew and for OpsFor crews? And have them sorted based on vehicle types and jobs? Also would it be possible to add the 'check all' button so that I can let 180 OpsFor crews escape with a single click?
I think these are both good suggestions (having a different screen for different team's personnel, and having a (de)select all button).  You should submit a feature request to the MekHQ feature tracker.
OK, done that. Thanks.

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