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MegaMek/MekHQ/MegaMekLab Bug Reporting Policy
The MegaMek & Associated Projects staff have come up with a new official bug reporting policy. You can find it in this MegaMek wiki entry. Obviously some element of common sense is required, such as instead of a savegame for MekHQ it would be your Campaign save. For MegaMekLab it would be the unit file(s) that you're having issues with. Things of that nature.
I've clicked on the Submit Bugs link for MekHQ, attempted to submit a ticket for a bug, and did not have access.  I created a SourceForge account, verified the account, and now receive an Error 403 message.  I apparently do not have access to submit a ticket for a MekHQ 0.3.29 bug I've found. 

Realizing this is probably a PEBKAC error, I still must ask:  how do the administrators wish I proceed to report an error?
Actually, we're not using SF so much any more.  You should report your bug here:

I'm guessing there's some documentation we need to update.
(11-13-2014, 11:49 AM)ralgith link Wrote:*snip* You can find it in this MegaMek wiki entry. *snip*

@Netzilla and any other MM Dev
Try the above quoted link first. That link was posted 2 years ago and wasn't updated after the switch to github.

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