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MekHq question
Sorry if these have been addressed, I have been searching previous posts but was not able to find the answers.

I am running MekHQ 0.3.6 and playing the "against the bot" campaign. The campaign started in the year 3025 and I am currently in year 3031.

Question - The personnel market. Why do I not get random Vehicle drivers / Gunners, conventional aircraft pilots, Vessel Pilots / crew / gunners, VTOL pilots, hyperspace navigators or Naval drivers from the weekly updates?  The only randoms I get are Mechwarrior, Admins, doctors, Techs and Soldiers. When not on contract I can pay the 100,000 roll and usually get the others, but while on contract I am unable to use the pay roll for a specific search. I could use the "Hire" or "hire in bulk" options but I feel these are "GM" type commands and take away from the campaign.
Also when I do a roll for Vehicle drivers why do they never have an attached unit like Mechwarriors/ Aero Pilots / Soldiers do.
Are there settings /rats  I need to change for this?
The ATB mod is an adaptation of a fan-made campaign system.  There's a discussion thread on the rules at the link below, where you can also download a copy of those rules (though the code is current with the 2.29 rules rather than 2.30):

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