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Admin XP...worth it to become Elite?
Just an opinion wanted here, but is there ANY benefit (other than the RP sense) of having Elite admins? Or is it a case where you take their XP and train them in something else you need? The admin's I have in my AtB campaigns get CRAZY XP, enough that they're now Veteran 4/4 mechwarriors before climbing in the cockpit for the first time. And that's with the higher xp costs, too.

So what do you do with them? With Astech's there any benefit to raising that skill, or should I just fill in other positions I need and hire new temps?
It used to be more or less impossible to Skill Up an Administrator. Since they also need Negotiation to be useful I think we might have Balance. Maybe. Thanks to Ralgith's addition of an option.

As for your AsTechs yes... they are supposed to spend their XP on becoming something besides AsTechs! I have a fine selection of Dependents who are now ASF Pilots, MechWarriors, Techs, etc.

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