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Units With No Icons -- A Comprehensive List
Ew aerospace.  Haha
(02-24-2016, 08:18 PM)BLOODWOLF link Wrote: Ew aerospace.  Haha

That's pretty much the reaction I get when I give the answer Smile
There's also protos.
Ew protos...
Multi-hex structures?


Standard Rail equipment?
How many canon multi-hex units are there??

Working Maglev and rails units will be nice. I want to ram a DS with my 10 car train  :o
(02-25-2016, 12:13 AM)pheonixstorm link Wrote: How many canon multi-hex units are there??

Working Maglev and rails units will be nice. I want to ram a DS with my 10 car train  :o

I remember seeing art in the image folder for maglev and railroads.
(02-25-2016, 01:45 AM)BLOODWOLF link Wrote: I remember seeing art in the image folder for maglev and railroads.

For tracks and the like. And I think one set of tracks has a static maglev on it. Those aren't unit images.
DropShips and WarShips in particular are in dire need of art. ASFs and Protos are pretty well taken care of -- all but one of the former (not counting variants, just base chassis) and all of the latter have art.
The seven-hex dropship image that is already in MekHQ, does that image work in MM?  Have never played a map with landed dropships but, am asking if those images would be a descent reference for future images after and if I ever finish the skins?  And for a leopard would a 2x6 hex image work or would that not translate correctly on the board when turning/changing face directions?
They do work in MM though I have never really tried using the aerodyne/leopard one. I setup a lot of different scenarios using spheroid dropships. Landing, evac, LZ... They can be really nasty when you land on top of your enemy (or crash on them) Tongue
The 7 hex layout of landed DS are just an abstraction, so every landed DS uses the same 7 hex footprint, doesnt matter if it is aerodyne or not.
We also the the Leopard image...I thought that was set to cover all the aerodynes so they could taxi and drive into things.
Ok so every landed dropship will be a seven hex unit, is getting the image to work with the unit file going to be more complicated than a mech.mtf?  I image I will have to name the images(1-7) of course.
Yeah, and from what I remember would require code changes to look up the units then the images.  Arlith would have to chime in here.

But we have quite a few people that play MM in space and have Space based units with actually art would be awesome.
Ill do it, just need to get a standard structure decided on for these skins, knock em all out, and will move on to ships.
Not sure how this works, but this is a top down image of the Wusun as drawn by Alex Iglesias.

[Image: wusun%20topdown_zps0v6m1fnw.jpg]
Correct Hellcat.gif (renamed the stock image to the correct Hellcat II and updated mechset)

[Image: iPWSkWG.gif]

[Image: mtpg9pV.png]

Also got a:
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at megamek.client.ui.swing.util.ImprovedAveragingScaleFilter.<init>(

Because my space BG images are 18MB.

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Oh i think there definitely is stations Big Grin

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