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Units With No Icons -- A Comprehensive List
Don't get me wrong, if your gonna do units I'd prefer us to focus on the Aerospace stuff first, then tanks, then the rest.
What is Tigershark doing?  I see he makes vehicles.
Tigershark does lots of units built around the SL era, he also improves on existing icons.
I can work on later eras. I just have a few to finish up before the start of this cycle.
Ok, yeah I just dont want work on things that others are already covering.  I vote Hammer for the honorary position of project dispatcher Big Grin starting assigning me some work Tongue

I've moved the infantry work to its own thread. Here -

Infantry Sprites Project
  Skåret Assassins JàrnFòlk"

I think I can do that one Skaret Assassin guy before I get shot down xD
Just updated the OP for the first time in a couple years, and I'm really impressed at how much of it has been done. Great work, contributing artists!

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