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HekHQ Help, Corruption/Terminal Date

My first post on the MegaMek forums.

Firstly, a huge “Thank you” to all the past, present and future MegaMek developers. Having played Battletech since my youth, MegaMek has fed my on-and-off again urge to play through the years, and am hugely appreciative of all their efforts. Hope nothing but the best for all of you.

Sadly, my first post will be a plea for help. Currently using MegaMek, MekHQ, Ver. 3.7 and has been working like a charm. However, for some reason my campaign has become corrupted.

Problem: My campaign has a terminal date (i.e. ground hog day). I can advance the day, perform functions and even save on new dates. There are no apparent problems associated with the file best I can tell. However, when I advance past the terminal date, all dates forward cannot be open by MekHQ. Even going to a previous date and repeating the process the error manifests.

Error: The campaign file could not be open. Please check the log file for details.

The log file tells me nothing. Despite all my efforts I cannot fix what is broken. There are only two major changes I performed in MekHQ on the terminal date that are of note. Created a new variant, Dragon, DRG-1ZA1 and updated unit histories for the other Dragon variants. Other than those changes I do not know what could possibly be the problem.

Attached is the log file. Will load the campaign file if need be. Thank you in advance regardless.


Attached Files
.xlsx   MekHq, Ground Hog Day.xlsx (Size: 80.06 KB / Downloads: 1)
the log file should be a text file (first issue).

need a copy of the campaign and any custom units (second issue)

zip and attach or if the file is too large.. post a bug report with the campaign, log, and customs. If it won't advance past that date there is something in the log file (probably an NPE?) that ralgith will need to hunt down the issue (unless the campaign file is somehow corrupt).
I'll post the log first. See Attached, MeqHQ Log.

Will post a report with the campaign, log, and customs if requested... once I figure out where to do so?


Attached Files
.zip (Size: 16.19 KB / Downloads: 4)
That log file was from AFTER trying to advance the day?
Before/after in attached file.

Ground Hog Day - 30320721


Attached Files
.zip   mekhqlog (Size: 33.01 KB / Downloads: 2)

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