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Spectral LAMs
This has been a bit of a side project I've been doing since I started doing Aerospace units. I understand that LAMs aren't a MegaMek priority and are secretly kind of useless anyway but the Wobbly designs are just so cool.

Pwwka (Mech)
[Image: Pwwka%20(Mech).png]

Pwwka (Hybrid)
[Image: Pwwka%20(Hybrid).png]

Pwwka (Aero)
[Image: Pwwka%20(Aero).png]

Yurei (Mech)
[Image: Yurei%20(Mech).png]

Yurei (Hybrid)
[Image: Yurei%20(Hybrid).png]

Yurei (Aero)
[Image: Yurei%20(Aero).png]

Waneta (Mech)
[Image: Waneta%20(Mech).png]

Waneta (Hybrid)
[Image: Waneta%20(Hybrid).png]

Waneta (Aero)
[Image: Waneta%20(Aero).png]
Well, even if it'll be a while before they implement LAMs in MM, I'm elated that they'll have icons this good-looking waiting for them when implementation finally occurs.
The only problem is that I kind of suck at doing feet, so they're all legless!  :o

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