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Interesting MHQ/AtB/MM bug that I can't quite lock down....
This bug should get some brain cells working...  My current thoughts is that there is an upper limit somewhere in MM for certain types of files that impacts the communication from the AtB component of MHQ whilst deploying forces to MM.

So... From a blank install of MHQ 0.3.12, copy over just a single known working existing campaign, and set MHQ up with an AtB contract and an assigned mission, plus ensure all the custom units are populated in the relevant directories. Load up the MHQ campaign and start the mission, and it will load fine, generating all the units, setting the map, allocating the teams etc, and generally doing the right thing...  (you don't have to run the entire battle, you can exit MM/MHQ so the campaign file in otherwise untouched.)

However here is where it gets interesting...  for each of 3 different custom data-file sets (tested independently) loading MM/AtB for the same campaign, mission and battle can be made to fail when (I am assuming) significant numbers of specific files exist and overrun some boundary.  Remove the files again and the AtB mission in MM will populate correctly once more.

The failure manifests in the MM lobby as all the Bot-clients being connected, atmospheric/planetary conditions being set, but no units are added to the bot-clients, and the map parameters are not set.

The folders/files in question:
/data/boards  - usually contains about 500 files, fails with 1926 files
/data/images/camo  - usually contains about 1350 files, fails with 7362 files
images/units  - usually contains about 3800 files, fails with 5323 files

Before I submit a bug to the MM bug tracker, I would appreciate any feedback or input from those more knowledgeable in the internal workings, and to know if anyone else is seeing this, or has more custom files in those directories.

All the extra files in these directories are from the various forum postings with ZIP files for maps or camo etc, so several of you may have some, more or less...  There also may be 3+ corrupt files, but the logs show nothing that appears relevant.

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