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Someone for a quick game?
hi all i am new player and i don t know anyone play battle tech or megamek i m just looking for someone and  and a nice and fun game a quick one also like on small map whit low number of mek just for fun hope someone will reply thanks all bye and enjoy this game
There's a "Where to Play" link on the mainpage:

Based on your other post asking for help with MekWars, I think you may have already seen this page.  I point it out again though because I think that the IRC option is worth checking out.  The last paragraph on the page mentions #battletech on, and provides a link that will connect you using a browser-based IRC client.
y i have tried to look in that chat! how it works? IRC u mean the chat right? unfortunaty i don t know anyone playing megatek Sad i m looking for some one that want to introduce me in the online gaming. like just for try-play  and i will know how it works u can do a fast play now ? thanks again mate i will check the chat!
IRC just stands for internet relay chat, and it's an old protocol for text messaging/chat.  If you go to the webpage I linked to in my previous post, and then click on the link, it will take you to an IRC web application, which will connect you to the #battletech channel on, where you can find people who are interested in Battletech and Megamek.  You might be able to find pick-up games there, and also ask for help with Megamek, or general Battletech related discussion.
y thanks arlith i v done that this evening but there was no one there in chat btw thanks again an let me know if u want do a play ok? fine mate take care bye i have some question that i don t find a response around i will ask u in pm? i m so interested about this game when i was kid i was looking at the comix stand of happening the guys playing battlemech or mechwarrio u know the difference between these two game? are u a battle tech player ? i found the second edition of the game in my upstairs but it dosn t contain rulebook so than i found megamek that i looks a good alternative now i know that the game has changed a lot first the miniature.
btw thanks again i will let u know bye

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