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New Campaign!

Just finished a campaign spanning over 36 (game) years, and 2.5 years of gaming.  Had a blast... and now time to start another one.

Looking for 2-3 addditional players with any level of experience with megamek for a medium role play, combat-heavy
campaign game. 

I would run most of the mekhq stuff myself.  The goal is to have the players involved in the command of a merc unit again.  The overall
commander is an NPC/player who doesn't himself play battletech -he's an old gamer friend of mine, who also happened to be my CO for a very short time during my service years.  So, he makes the final command decisions, but will listen to the input of you all.  Each player
would begin with approximately a company, though additional forces may be allocated on occasion.  Your initial forces will be allocated using merc handbook and xotl tables for generation. 

The year is 3023.  There will be a meta-plot that will be occurring but the overall shape of the universe will be canon as I interpret it.
This does mean, however, that things could change a bit throughout - butterfly effect.  Mostly, I can now host games.  I have a job working from home mostly now as an analyst, so I am available usually from about 9am until 7 pm (pst)  most week days, and some weekends.  If that fits your schedule... great.  It means we can play!

I will try and have guest players playing opfor on occasion, but anticipate that it will be mostly me. 

I use an insane amount (nearly all) of the optional rules (and unofficial ones).  Please be aware of this if you are interested. 

Custom mechs/vehicles will only be allowed for your commander - you will probably NOT start with a custom mech (though it is possible).  All other mechs and vees must be canon. This is mostly to limit the amount of files I have to continuously receive and transfer.  However, I will allow some limited infantry customizations.  I will allow meks from a few other sources (battletechnology and fluff stuff mostly) but that's it. 

Please note; I am not a kind GM.  You will get cruddy mechs sometimes. You will occasionally be outnumbered and out-gunned.  Sometimes... you have to retreat.  Recon is handy because with double-blind, you just don't know what you are facing often. 

With each player initially a company commander, there will be a possibility of a battalion commander rank - or it may be an npc.  The "regiment" as it is will probably be less than a full regiment. However, company commanders will be making recommendations to the overall CO that will shape strategy for future games - so players will need to pay attention.  It's the mad max era, so be aware that your mech may not always be up to snuff (there may even be extra negative quirks on mechs on occasion).  As the campaign progresses, one or more of you may become higher ranked in the unit.

Aero battles will mostly occur in the background.  However, they can impact the game - I promise to never kill your character in a space battle... they will always manage to get to a lifeboat in time.  However... no one else is safe.  Smile

As part of the interest, I would ask you to write up a brief description of the character - where they are from, what their background is.  This WILL determine part of your starting forces and your skill - don't make it  crazy, please.  We want a bit of realism to the character.

I will be using the mekhq optional procreation rules as a tester this time, so that players will see relatives beginning to fill out ranks in the years later in the campaign. 

Sometimes, time will pass quickly for contracts.  Heck, you may have a garrison contract on a backwater, and see no action.  In which case, there will simply be a post... (2 years pass) and then the action will begin again.  Initially, you will be a low-rated merc unit - in lots of debt!  With luck and skill, hopefully that will change! 

Your initial company commander will have a bit of Edge to keep them alive, but are by no means invincible.  It is in your best interest to
not get killed!  Replacement commanders from your ranks may not be up to snuff comparitively.

Capture rules will apply, however - we may capture your commander/personnel and ransoms will have to be issued. 

For those of you interested in more high-tech games... trust me - I wanna get this one all the way thru and past the Jihad.  It'll be
a nice progression!  Also, as no doubt I won't have played with some of you before, it'll be handy

Please PM me here if interested.  I will also be posting on the megamek forums... and am hoping that we can actually still use Ralgith's forum for our campaign though if not, we have other options. 

We will be using the most recent megamek attached to mekhq for games, though I will usually wait about a week before making the plunge when there is a new update, in case of killer bugs (sorry devs!  a guy's gotta be cautious)

Unit name:  Ryland's Roughnecks

Thanks for reading,

Provisionally, have my players.  Thanks for the interest!  May still troll for opfors on occasion.
so is it too late to join?
Would love to get in if any spots available.
currently full, sorry folks.  however, if I find some opfors, I may expand it.  We'll see.  if interested in being opfor, lmk
Resurrecting this topic.

I am looking for an additional player now; one that would be willing to make the game schedule AND RP a fair amount on the forum.

There will be limitations on the character creation a bit; specifically, you'll have to choose to be either an untrusted outsider to the unit brought in to help rebuild after significant losses, or be someone from a limited pool of allies that the unit and players trust (from Andurien, Rasalhague, or - to a lesser extent - the Capellan March).  I'd be open to a few other ideas, but those would be the main ways to "fit" in to the campaign easily.  Another option would be someone that has worked their way up thru the ranks.

Currently fighting in the war of Andurien Secession, though the unit has had varied successes during the 3SW and 4SW.  The unit is in debt due to losses and a betrayal they faced about a year previous, though they have a few spare mechs... and not enough pilots for 'em!

This is, as has been stated before in other threads, a multi-level campaign, and has currently spanned 8 years of game time and a little over 1 year of real life.  When I say multi-level, what I mean is this:

Currently, I have an ISW game running for the Andurien Secession.  I am running it double-blind, with a player for each of FWL, Capellan, Anduriens and Canopus.  The date is Jan/Feb 3032.  The game does NOT have to go canonical (the players have already messed up the timetable of the FRR, which was created earlier than normal, but has a far worse diplomatic relationship with both the Lyrans and the Dracs), although the war against the Capellans is NOT going well.  Well... for that matter, the FWL sure has issues too.

I have a player who does not play battletech otherwise, who rps the unit commander.  He makes final strategic decisions but players are more than welcome to make suggestions that he implements.

I have a group that also occasionally does AToW locally with me, and partakes in commando missions in support of the unit.

There are NPCs that also talk in the forum, as well as support units that are attached (so yes, you will often have combined arms, or face combined arms).  Sometimes I play larger battles as AS games locally using your units.  This means that occasionally (though not often as i try to use units not attached to players) your mechs will change in your unit through no fault of yours.

Lastly, there is a story arc that has been slowly (very slowly) building over the last year.

As with anything, we have had a few players drop and join over the last year due to life.  I would really like to have another person that is willing to play and also RP on the forum.

Please check out
the campaign Ryland's Roughnecks for some background.  Yeah, there's lots of posts.  I'm actually going to be doing a summary post to catch everyone up again, as we have a fair amount of backstory!. 
I strongly urge people to apply.

Epic has done a wonderful job of cat herding, plot lines, and in general keeping people interested and still playing after a full real time year. Bonus, we are coming into the intro of L2 Tech.
have 2 new players now; holding for a bit before more.

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