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bugs v0.3.13HQ v0.41.3MM
Ok some of the bugs (i think) i have found so far......

1/ save load reload will swap the mek unit numbers around including un-mothballing some and re-mothballing others etc
2/ hip/shoulder crit slots still giving problems in showing up and then again disappears and reapears when reloading
3/ mek warriors turning up as salvage meks (god you really really dont want to salvage a warrior as it crashes your whole game and you have to manually delete it from the savegame in word)
4/ going from hq to mm for a mission, mm cant find the cammo for the bot meks
5/ going from hq to mm for a mission cant use clan meks it hangs instead. (will deploy etc but first turn to move it stops and crashes)
6/ ammo bins missing from the parts lists so cant even buy them unless they are destroyed first
7/ artillery from dropships still a problem unless you specifically select fire individual weapons in bays
8/ destroyed parts from a mission turning up in warehouse regardless
9/ an arrow indicator on landed dropships would be nice to indicate easier which way they face please

Now I know this probably isn't the place to put this so I am sorry if it is not. Also I know that there could be something I have not selected to resolve one of these problems and would love to hear of it.

BTW FYI Thanks for the work on this game!!
#1 is not a bug, those numbers aren't and have never been permanent. They're just based on the order the units are loaded in. Which units are where doesn't actually change, just the number they show as does. Don't ever rely on that number for anything. The same units stay mothballed as well, again, just the postfix number changes.
Ahh ok yup I see. It just gets a little annoying tho as when you go into 1 mission one day and your mek 1 and then your mek 3 the next day lol but if its just cosmetic then I understand, thanks.
NEVER use word to edit the save game. Use a text editor such as notepad++ instead. Word can really screw up your files by adding in unrelated data when you save. Best not to take the chance.

7 & 9 are MM issues not HQ issues. 8 is a known bug.

4 I think is a design flaw as only the your camo should be transfered. AFAIK MM was not design to have both your unit and OpFor camo transfer
5 I haven't heard of. If it is a bug you will need to report it on the tracker with the hqlog, campaign, and any custom units.
Yes both issues 4 and 5 where not there in the 0.3.12HQ and 0.41.2MM release. Now could you please tell me how to report the bug then?
If you haven't done so already you will need to register on sourceforge and then submit a bug report

Be sure to read the How to over at
(04-27-2015, 03:30 PM)pheonixstorm link Wrote:8 is a known bug.

Also, if the unit the destroyed part came from is gone, or the destroyed part has been replaced with an intact part, the bug will eventually correct itself after saving and reloading, i.e. the destroyed part entries in the warehouse will disappear.
I can no longer log in at sourceforge... so I post a small bug report here.

the unit image sprite for the Grand Dragon DRG-C seems broken in HQ 3.13
That report would go at the bottom of the forum in the unit and image errors section. It has also been reported and I believe fixed.

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