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ProtoMech Weapons Won't Fire
I just encountered an incredibly frustrating issue and after a good deal of testing, I'm at a loss as to how to solve it. I have a ProtoMech variant I tried to use in a game earlier tonight, and its weapons refuse to target anything. Everything else shows up properly, so I didn't discover this until I got the unit in range and found it was unable to actually do anything during the Firing Phase. I've attached the file to this post: if anyone can help me figure out what, if anything, I've done wrong, I will be forever indebted.

EDIT: Keep in mind that the actual file is a .blk...I just can't upload it that way, so I saved a separate .txt version. It's otherwise identical to the .blk file.

EDIT 2: Ok, apparently I can't attach anything at all here, so the file can be found here:

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