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MekHQ 0.3.15 Interstella Map Tab
(08-10-2015, 12:03 PM)Taharqa link Wrote: I just now saw this. That is almost certainly the source of the error. The jump path finds planets by their name, and so if the name changed between versions, it will come up with a null planet. Still, please post the bug, as I would like to make the program more robust to these kinds of problems.

Yeah, it hadn't occurred to me until I saw the Jump path error in the log that it's possible the path was disrupted by either movements (i.e. some of them may no longer be within the 30 LY window) and/or that some planets had name changes (corrections to be more in line with spellings in recent books or due to planets that had more than one name throughout their history).
The jump path error only appear when I try to save.

Bug reported. Let me know if you need any other info.
(08-10-2015, 12:03 PM)Taharqa link Wrote: In the meantime, I think you can resolve the bug by editing a copy of your save file. Open it with a text editor and search for a line that says "<jumpPath>" and delete that and all the lines up to and including "</jumpPath>".

Thanks... the map tab is working fine now. I can even save without any problem.

Hm... I'm currently at Cavanaugh II, and its listed as Independent at 2465. But it should be under FWL.

Current planet.xml info:

Long March Offensive (2465 - 2468) between LC and FWL, Cavanaugh II was captured by LC. Reference at

Do I report such issue? And where should I report?
Find the canon reference in the book listed on sarna then post in the planets thread (MekHQ forum). Make sure you verify sarna is correct, then post the book and pg number for Jay.

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