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Estevez MBT and Anti-Aircraft Missing Image
MegaMek version 0.41.5

Select Estevez MBT and Estevez Anti-Aircraft in lobby and you will notice that the latest build is not showing the image/icon/sprite.
Sorry Hammer... reported on wrong the wrong forum group. Anyway, the mechset.txt's Estevez image location is missing the ".gif".
I've actually fixed this in the repository yesterday (well, I fixed it over the weekend but wasn't able to commit it until last night).  I created a new utility called MechSetTest which will parse mechset.txt and wreckset.txt and check to see if the images are accessible and ensure that the case matches (which is important for all non-windows OSs).  I fixed a number of missing file errors and I believe Hammer has a few more he's going to fix.

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