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HowTo: get the sourcecode in EGit in Eclipse for MegaMek, MegaMekLab and MekHQ
    Choose File -> Import -> Git -> Projects from Git
    Click Next
    Choose the Clone URI
    Click Next
    Put in the appropriate git URI
    Click Next
    Click Next
    Choose a Location
    Click Next
    Wait for the clone process to finish
    Select the option to import existing projects
    De-select all the launch4j checkboxes
    Click Finish

And from [url=]Coshx Labs[/urll]:
Quote:Solution 2: Mark database.yml as assume-unchanged in git’s index

In fact git has the power to ignore local changes to tracked files, but it’s slightly clunkier than and completely inconsistent with the familiar .gitignore. You must use git update-index to tell git to ignore changes to the file:

$ git update-index --assume-unchanged config/database.yml

Now your git status will be clean, and you will have no unwanted results when you run things like git add . and git commit -a. And when somebody upstream modifies database.yml, git will not ask you to resolve the conflict. Perfect.

To un-mark the file as assume-unchanged:

$ git update-index --no-assume-unchanged config/database.yml

And if you want a list of tracked files that git is ignoring:

$ git ls-files -v | grep ^[a-z]

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