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Rules for the Unit and Image Error forum
While we do not have to follow all the rules from (you are allowed to post files and images for official units here), I would still like you to follow a few rules (some for copyright reasons, others to make things easier for me to handle). Smile

  • Do not post unit files or images for units that have not passed the moratorium period of at least 2 months since the release of their Record Sheet
  • Do not post TRO images here or copy images from other users on other boards. If you give us an image, it has to be done by you.
  • Try to organize your input by using different topics and by using fitting topic titles (do not add stuff to older topics, please start a new one)
  • If you notice multiple things at once, you can of course put them all into a single topic Wink
  • Give me cookies  ;D

Reports should look something like this:
Unit Name: DarkISI
Variant: DAI-1B
Source: RS DarkISI
Error: Has no cookies in its right hand

Not many rules to follow, but please follow them Smile
Feel free to discuss the rules.

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