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MMHQ in Windows 10
Just upgraded to Windows 10 and MMHQ will not open.  MM and MML both open, but HQ will not.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled Java to the latest version.

Intel i3 CPU (64bit)

I am not receiving any errors, just....nuttin'

Help me get my fix...I'm jonesin' bad.
When you say you're not receiving any errors, are you referring to error dialogs when you run the program, or did you check in the mekhqlog.txt for errors?
I receive no error dialogs, as far as I can see nothing happens.

I just tried to run it now to see if the and there is no mekhqlog in the folder.

I have deleted and re-downloaded MMHQ as well.
What version are you downloading, the Windows version or the all-OS (tar.gz) version? I'm wondering if you're running the .exe, or if you're running from a jar, or running using a script.  In any case, if you run it from the command-line, you might see some output that would help tell you what's going on.  What version of Java do you have?
MHQ is latest version for Windows. Using the .exe from the download folder. 

Java v8 update 60.

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