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MekWars Dominion: Events (Grand Cycle VI)
I will be focusing more on scheduling Events this cycle, such as the example below. Please reply in this thread or via PM to let me know who's interested and what times work best for you.

EVENT 2725: War of Davion Succession

In 2715, Mary Davion-Kurita's death left the Davion throne vacant and with two, separate heirs apparent. Takiro Kurita's claim that an Act of Succession had never been ratified was used as the justification behind Vincent Kurita's claim as the head of the Federated Suns. Wanting to avoid open war, First Lord Jonathan Cameron appointed an investigatory committee to examine the issue, with further warnings that if Joseph died before the matter was decided, he would rule in favor of House Davion. However, after the committee had failed to come to a conclusion after eight years, Takiro Kurita took matters into his own hands and ordered the invasion of the Federated Suns in 2725, beginning with the planet Marduk

The initial invasion by the 11th Benjamin Regulars took the Davion forces by surprise. Though a large garrison exists on the planet, the AFFS was unprepared for an elite foe. The Attacker represents the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS) while the defender represents the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS).

DCMS: Attacker brings a Lance of (4) Mechs with a minimum army skill sum of 8 and maximum skill sum of 7. The attacker will be assigned a pre-generated army, including a Dropship and two Lances of veteran troops.

AFFS: Defender brings a Lance of (4) Mechs with a maximum skill sum of 8. The player will be given a pre-generated army of two Lances with artillery support (off-board).

DCMS: Begins the scenario by landing his/her Dropship any place on the map and deploying troops. The player has two turns to deploy.

AFFS: Set the deployment of all troops to "Before Round 3" and deployment zone to "Edge". Check to verify that artillery is placed off-board.

DCMS: Major victory is achieved by destroying 90% BV of the defender's force and killing both enemy Commanders. Minor victory achieved if the Dropship is functional after Turn 20, or if the scenario ends with more than 50% of Attacker BV remaining.

AFFS: Major victory if the Dropship is destroyed and the enemy force suffers 80% BV destroyed. Minor victory if either goal is achieved.

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