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Best way to approximate aerospace/CAS for Princessbot?
Hey guys.

I've been having a lot of fun with MekHQ/MM lately (looking forward to the next release of MekHQ when I can actually turn on AtB!), but I was hoping to add a bit more variety in terms of the forces the bot fields. I've noticed with aerospace units Princess can't seem to keep them on the board, even a big board, and in a dozen games I'm yet to have them fire a shot at a Mech. I found if I give them really good piloting skills it helps a little, as they're less likely to fail a maneuver and fly off the board, but they still seem to really struggle.

I thought perhaps I could build some WiGE units in meklab, but the bot seems to struggle with those a lot as well, never actually taking off.

If you want some kind of fast-moving, non-mek enemy, is VTOL the only option for the bot? Is there anything else I can do to get the bot to make use of aerospace/artillery etc, or some analogue thereof that gives a similar experience?

Cheers guys Smile
You're not going to have great experiences with Princess piloting non-ground units (and VTOLs, which are technically considered ground units).  Princess just isn't designed to control these units, and anything that makes it appear so is purely accidental.

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