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Starting a Game - No Unit List
I'm running version: megamek-0.41.10-windows
I click Start a new game...
Enter some server info.
Then I'm in the lobby.
When I click Add A Combat Unit..., it pulls up the select a mech window, but there's nothing to select. If I try to "load a unit list", it looks for a *.mul file. But there aren't any .mul files anywhere in the structure.

Is there some kind of unit list separate that I need to download? Or am I doing something else wrong. Please help.

Starting a scenario seems to work just fine.

- Eck
One you start MegaMek for the first time you should see a box flash about loading units.  Also check in the Megamek\data\mechfiles folder.  you should have a bunch of zip files.  Those are the unit files, if they are missing you need to redownload the release.

Also if you see a file called units.cache, delete it and start the program over.

Also these forums are really dead for MegaMek stuff.  If you head over to the official Catayst Game Labs site there are loads more activity and people that can help.  Also numerous threads on getting things going.

CGL Official Forums - MegaMek Forum
Thanks for the quick response Hammer.

The only popup I see is about megamek being a complex application and I should read the readme file.

I deleted the unitcache and ran it. Still nothing.

I extracted the mechs, infantry, and vehicles zip files and deleted the units.cache and reran it. It automatically starts loading units now from folders and zip files. However, it still comes up with a blank unit list. I click Add a Combat Unit... nothing. I say build me a random army... nothing. But now I have a units.cache file of 5.5 megs.

I checked the logfile, and there was a ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during the unit loading process, but it seems to continue loading units after that. I've attached the log file in-case that helps.

- Eck

Attached Files
.txt   megameklog.txt (Size: 20.63 KB / Downloads: 1)
Could you check the game year and tech level in the Allowed Equipment tab of game options?  Also, make sure you have a tech type selected in the Type list of the UnitSelectorDialog.
It looks like the "type" wasn't selected. Derp.

I had MegaMek working a while ago, but then lately I've been messing around with the 3025 MegaMekNet campaign and the unit selection is vastly different.

Thanks again for all your help Hammer. And I apologize for my newbieness. Smile

- Eck
No worries,

Just glad you got it working.

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