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OPFORs needed
OPfors needed for my ongoing Ryland’s Roughnecks campaign.  I have several players, but as they are part of the same unit, it’s not really in their best interest to play against each other and wallop each other (hurts the bottom line!) and also creates schedule conflicts sometimes.

I was able to serve for awhile, but projects at work as of november threw a major curveball at me; I’m only able to play about 5-10% of the time that I used to be able to, so it’s been difficult for ‘em.  I want to start getting more regular games in again.

Harsh truths:
-  You’d only be an opfor; we have enough players as is.  As much as you’re probably an awesome person, I’m overbooked for adding extra players
-  Campaign is multi-level – I run megamek for it, occasional table top btech locally, Alpha Strike for bigger games, and it’s also involving players at an ISW level (testing out the new rules for ISW in IO-beta).  I need megamek players
-  Sometimes, as opfor, you will get CRUDDY FORCES.  Sometimes you’ll get pretty good stuff.  I don’t mind you beating the players, but usually you’re the underdog in some way so it’s doubtful.  The plucky mercs usually win out in the end, but it’s no guarantee of victory on either side.
-  You’d need to obey the rules of engagement I lay out – which is sometimes averse to what you think a regular force of that type would be.  It’s my version of canon, which may differ from yours (if you put 4 battletech players in a room, they each have a different idea of how the universe works)
-  I use MANY (read: nearly all) of the optional rules from TO and some of the unofficial rules too.  Be aware.
-  It’s combined arms often.  Not just mech on mech.  This can create frustrating scenarios because maybe you literally have nothing that can hit that damn aerospace fighter strafing you.
-  I’m not perfect – occasionally, I’ll do a scenario that goes south because of some oopsie like an invulnerable (to your force) aero fighter.  Otoh, “no plan survives contact…”
-  Era is Andurien Wars… the Roughnecks are in Andurien employ.  That means the opfor is Capellan.  This means succession war tech (mostly)

If interested, please pm me or respond on here.

Oh… did I fail to mention that I have built the entire Andurien Wars Muls via Mekhq for the opfor?
… OH.  And the opfor is… the Big MAC (plus supporting units).  Yup, the entirety of the McCarron's Armoured Cavalry.
Tough to find OpFors these days, no?
(12-31-2015, 05:31 PM)TigerShark link Wrote: Tough to find OpFors these days, no?


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