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FYI: IMMP Grand Opening
Intergalactic MegaMek Portal
Grand Opening

Are you tired of drama and faction rules? Want to play against people that affiliate with other factions than you? Then Intergalactic MegaMek Portal (IMMP) is for you! IMMP wants to connect BattleTech fans together to have epic moments of robotic destruction. Come check us out at our Enjin homepage.

[td]IMMP allows BattleTech players to enjoy the wonderful universe of BattleTech. IMMP features:
  • Player forums
  • Basic MegaMek training
  • Friends list creation
  • Private messaging (pm)
  • Uploading of images to IMMP to share
  • Player profile status boards
  • Even calendar open to registered IMMP players
  • Two text and voice chat servers (explained below)

Separate from the site are the voice and text communications IMMP provides. A password protected Teamspeak server for members allows both text and talk. A Discord server provides a browser text and voice method of communication for whoever wants to join you on your robot crusade of space, IMMP member and yet-to-be alike.[/td]
[Image: 3503710.jpg]
[Image: immpColorTransWord.gif]
[td]IMMP players are NOT just limited to MegaMek. We accept all BattleTech fans and players. We play MWO. We can role-play during campaigns. We play one-off games. We help develop players, new and experienced. We enjoy social gaming. We enjoy tournaments. We enjoy robot destruction.

IMMP was created to have fun. Rules, ranks, and a functional command structure provide the foundation. Build your BattleTech story with us. We'd love to be part of it![/td]

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