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Norton declaring MekHQ and MegaMekLab as harmful exes
Just noticed this with 0.3.24 and now I'm seeing it with 0.3.21.  Norton is declaring these exes as potentially harmful and automatically removing them from my system.

I'm running Win 7 with Norton 360.  Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas as to what I can do (short of disabling Norton)?
I don't the exact details, but it's not uncommon for Norton et al. to have false positives on jar files.  From time to time people will complain about false positives on MM/MML/MHQ.  Generally, you have to whitelist the file in your antivirus program. 
Yeah that's what I was thinking I would have to do, but just didn't think of it until I got to work today.  I'll it tonight and see what happens.  Thanks!

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