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New Map Hex Images
Current existing designs and auto generated maps uses a combination of both, merging them together. If you use it that way, the generated roads won't fit properly.
Hmmm ok well if its anything like all the other images I've been messing with I could type in a new super * "road:3:00-63" "" "SirMegaV/roads00-63" and just play with it till I can get it working.  I wanna try they might even implement it Tongue

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1,010.53 KB / Downloads: 4)
I'll be sticking with "road:1:00;fluff:XXXX" since "road:2" onward might be removed in the future. Have fun creating a great map with those highways.

Btw, love your snow trees.
Updated road series (new different road type connections + changes to reduced animations/size)

Attached Files
.7z   Road Series.7z (Size: 728.77 KB / Downloads: 1)
Im starting to see how as you stated earlier these road would need to be under their own "theme" and the map built by hand.  I know in the .tilesets the images are all ordered as to what will be drawn first and can be manipulated order-wise.  If there was code (for the random terrain generator) for the autolinker to use one image instead of the other then these could all work with the original images as well and possible hook up to dirt/gravel roads, railroad crossings, etc.

Example:  MM lays down a four lane road and then rolls(or however it decides) to lay down a two lane connected to the previous road.  Would need to know [if * "four-lane.png" into * "two-lane.png"; use * "4to2_merge03.png"] or some kind of logic and we can just make the images.

How does the building auto-linker know to change the images when two similar buildings are placed next to each other and it switches to the hexes/light/..... images?
I think it is possible, but it is a very very low priority upgrade.
Bridges Set


Light - Wooden Bridge
Medium - Stone Bridge
Heavy - Normal Bridge
Reinforced - Normal with Extra Pillars

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rar   Bridges.rar (Size: 761.35 KB / Downloads: 3)
Parking Lot System and sample tileset file.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.7z   ParkingLotSystem.7z (Size: 356.11 KB / Downloads: 3)
.tileset   atmospheric.tileset (Size: 239.18 KB / Downloads: 3)
Heavy Buildings Set

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.7z   HeavyBuilding&Others.7z (Size: 1.91 MB / Downloads: 3)
3 sets of Light Standard Building - Zinc Roof

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
3 sets of medium buildings - tile roof

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Redoing Light Building Set using 'less painful to the eyes' texture.
Redoing Medium Bridge Set, hate the previous work.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
All the image files posted.

Attached Files
.tileset   atmospheric.tileset (Size: 264.39 KB / Downloads: 2)
.7z   SirMegaV-Hexes-Ground.7z (Size: 2.22 MB / Downloads: 3)
Expended double lane roads with these x 12.

Attached Files
.gif   RoadSystem-01-Road-02-DoubleLane-3-11.gif (Size: 4.59 KB / Downloads: 122)
.gif   RoadSystem-01-Road-02-DoubleLane-3-19.gif (Size: 4.69 KB / Downloads: 120)
.gif   RoadSystem-01-Road-02-DoubleLane-3-37.gif (Size: 3.52 KB / Downloads: 120)
Added 34 images for heavy bridge to make heavy bridge intersection.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit1-03-TripleLane-3-22.gif (Size: 4.5 KB / Downloads: 114)
.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit1-03-TripleLane-3-29.gif (Size: 4.53 KB / Downloads: 113)
.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit1-03-TripleLane-3-62.gif (Size: 4.96 KB / Downloads: 120)
Added 34 images for reinforced bridge to make reinforced bridge intersection.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit1-03-TripleLane-4-19.gif (Size: 4.57 KB / Downloads: 114)
.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit2-03-TripleLane-4-27.gif (Size: 4.77 KB / Downloads: 114)
.gif   BridgeSystem-02-BridgeExit2-03-TripleLane-4-63.gif (Size: 5.2 KB / Downloads: 113)
Added 18 new heavy bridge image.

Attached Files
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-3-13.gif (Size: 3.35 KB / Downloads: 95)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-3-26.gif (Size: 3.41 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-3-42.gif (Size: 3.27 KB / Downloads: 95)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-3-52.gif (Size: 3.47 KB / Downloads: 97)
Added 18 new reinforced bridge image.

Attached Files
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-4-11.gif (Size: 3.35 KB / Downloads: 95)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-4-19.gif (Size: 3.49 KB / Downloads: 95)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-4-37.gif (Size: 3.48 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-02-DoubleLane-4-42.gif (Size: 3.29 KB / Downloads: 96)
Added 30 new single lane heavy bridge exits.

Attached Files
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-01-SingleLane-3-19.gif (Size: 2.85 KB / Downloads: 96)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-01-SingleLane-3-37.gif (Size: 2.88 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-01-SingleLane-3-42.gif (Size: 2.88 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit2-01-SingleLane-3-25.gif (Size: 2.77 KB / Downloads: 94)
Added 30 new single lane reinforced bridge exits.

Attached Files
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-01-SingleLane-4-13.gif (Size: 2.74 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit1-01-SingleLane-4-52.gif (Size: 2.9 KB / Downloads: 94)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit2-01-SingleLane-4-52.gif (Size: 2.89 KB / Downloads: 97)
.gif   BridgeSystem-01-BridgeExit3-01-SingleLane-4-21.gif (Size: 2.93 KB / Downloads: 94)

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