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Issues loading custom dropship into Megamek
So I've been fiddling around with a variant of the Overlord dropship and wanted to load it into Megamek to make sure everything was working correctly. I used the .blk of the 3056 upgraded Overlord, saved a copy under a different name, and modified that one. Upload opening a new game of Megamek, I'm met with this:

[Image: XvW4NCh.png]

I'm not sure what's causing it- the changes I made were to the weapons, armor amount and type, heat sink number and type, and transport bays. However, I'm pretty sure everything should be working, I believe the formatting is correct, and I've tried loading it with none of the bay weapons or heat sink type/number changes, same for armor type. I still get the error every time. Here's the .blk file for it. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Attached Files
.blk   Overlord (3067).blk (Size: 4.55 KB / Downloads: 6)
Line 298 has this:

There are two colons in a row, there should only be one.
Son of a gun, so there is. Thank you so much for pointing that out! That did it, it loads properly now.

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