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Unable to save modifications to VTOL
Attempted to remove SRM4 and ammo from Warrior attack VTOL, added more ammo for AC/2, increased speed and armor.  Unable to save changes or begin refit.  Please advise.
I see you mention refits.  So I'm going to assume you're using MekHQ.  The current versions of MHQ have some critical bugs around refits.

We would need to see the MekHQlog.txt file or if only using MegaMekLab the log text for them.  Also steps your using to be able recreate it.
I have attempted modification from both MekHQ (0.3.20) and MegaMekLab (0.1.46)

I was unable to load the unit in Lab, so I created a campaign and GM gave the Warrior to the campaign.  Below are the steps exactly:

- Created new campaign
- Enable GM Mode
- Marketplace, Purchase Unit, VTOL
- Locate and select H-7 Warrior Attack Helicopter, Add (GM), Close
- Hangar, Select H-7, Customize, In Mek Lab
- Equipment, Remove SRM 4 and SRM 4 Ammo (Unit loses 95 BV and 3 tons)
- Add, Ammunition, AC/2 Ammo (1)
- Structure, Increase Cruise MP to 10 (Unit to -88 BV and +2 ton)
- Structure, Increase Armor to 2.5 tons.
- "Begin Refit" button dark gray as shown in image.

I messed about a little and even with Elite AreoTech in unit, Begin Refit is unavailable.

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Did you allocate the Ammo in the build tab?
It would appear I had an underlying Java problem after migrating to Windows 10.  Once I uninstalled Java, then reinstalled, it worked fine.  My thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay in responding.

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