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Disable Camera Snap?
Is there a way to disable the camera snap when the AI act?
The camera snap is a new feature, and there was no way to disable it in the current dev release.  The option to disable it has been added, but hasn't made it until a dev release yet.  However, this is an option that will have it always be on or off, there's no way to conditionally turn it off for only opponents turns.
I'd like to add however that the "snap" itself has always been present, i.e. the board centered to every unit that moved whether useful or not. The last change was just that the camera did not teleport but instead softly moved around. With the next release that can be re-set to an instant teleport.
The new effect is way better. Unless you are playing against Princess. Then the very fast shifts are really disorienting.
Or if a bunch of your units have nothing to fire at and your sitting there clicking done a bunch of times the screen is flying everywhere.
Idea? Only do the Camera Pan if the last Pan is more than 1 second old. Princess will move faster than that and mashing the Done button more or less the same. Maybe 0.75 sec or 1.5 sec?
And when the last pan is less than a second old (give or take), then jump instantly?

I can try to put that in.
I think the work around till then is to close your eyes while it zips around. Tongue
Problem is I have simultaneous everything turned on because the AI just wont act otherwise, so sometimes I will try to move a mech and as I hit "done" an AI will act and my move will be reset.

I would like it if the AI acted independently but I'm not sure how the AI works in MegaMek either the game is stopping to show me whats happening or my own game is acting on behalf of what the AI wants, the later I suppose would mean its impossible to fix unless the moves are buffered.

Also I dont have a smooth transition mine snaps which yes is annoying. Is that because I'm using "Princess"?

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