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Annoying Error with Crit Assignment.
OK, so I assign all my crits perfectly and validate the unit. Then I save and close the 'mech.

When I reopen the file in MekLab it says 84/78 crits in red. Which might explain why MegaMek keeps giving me this error: [Image: Error_Message_Madcat86.jpg]

I proceed to reset all crits, and hit "autofill" then I rearrange things how I like it, validate and overwrite the file in the megamek mekfiles folder. When I open MegaMek I get the samn damn error AGAIN.

It makes no sense!

[Image: Proper_Custom86_Crits.jpg]

What could this be!? It's SO annoying.
I'd need to see the MTF file to trouble shoot.
PM me your email and I'll send it your way.

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