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Pickup game this weekend!
So a guy I met on Instagram cause of #battletech when posting pictures of my new Catalyst mini's being painted also plays MegaMek. So he got one of his buddies and I got one of mine and we're gonna play a 12kBV vs 12kBV this weekend.

There was some talk of live-streaming the fight, but I don't have anything conclusive on that yet.

They are in California, I'm in Florida and my buddy's in Wisconsin. It should be very interesting and one of the largest games I've ever played on MegaMek.

I will check back in if I get anything on the live-streaming, and perhaps even an after-action report!


Please do let us know when it is!
Hi guys,

The stream will be on the twitch channel starting at 4 PM (Pacific) Saturday. We will be starting it a little bit early in case there are technical difficulties.

Feel free to let other interested folks know.

It will be archived to Youtube afterwards.
Saturday? Like May 28, 2016? Which is TODAY!
Yeah, we're very sorry, we've had some issues getting the game going, but we're going to be running soon hopefully!
I had to tune in late but I am in there now.
Awesome, it was a great match!
Here is the video of the fight:

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