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Programs for Git
I'm getting tired of using Eclipse for my Git needs.  It's been working really slow with pulling from the project and I want to try another option.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
I know many like to just use the command line outside of Eclipse and then do the programming and stuff inside Eclipse.

Are you on Windows or Mac or Linux or something else entirely?
I'm using a Windows 7 b64-bit machine right now with Eclipse Mars.  Maybe I'll give command line use a try.  I'm not sure why I'm having such a bad time with Git in Eclipse.  Maybe that's it?
Well a quick google search for "windows Git" produced many results including a YouTube about it. Wink So ya it can be done. I noticed TortiseGit was there, too. I had to use it at an internship and thought it was find, but I'm at home in Linux, so anything Windows feels a bit out of place to me.

So ya, watch the vid and see what all it entails. Big Grin
SmartGit is what you want. I love it and it gives you a lot of information. Fairly easy to figure out too.

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