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Customizing the name lists?
I did a google search on this and it came up with a partial answer that linked to a site that appears to no longer exist.  I'm wanting to focus the names that are generated a little better by faction and remove name lists I can't even pronounce.  I just don't understand the numbers in the appropriate4 files to make the changes.  How do I customize the name lists?
Going from Memory here...

The first number is the chance, the higher the number the more chance there is of that name appearing. The second is the link to the ancestry.

So Last name Adams,725,1 would be 725 chances out of ??? to generate that last name and its US ancestry.
Pretty much what Hammer wrote.

I don't particularly like how the current name generation system works, but it's okay for what it is supposed to be doing and coding a significantly better replacement would take way too much effort better spent elsewhere. If you have any ideas about what "a little better by faction" generation entails, feel free to tell us though. Who knows, you might convince us to redesign the system anyway.
Well the system is fine for what it is right now.  It already has different weights across 30 some odd name lists.  Every faction can have names form across the world.  MY problem is that all too often I get a name like Sjifknarg.  I cant pronounce it,  and thus I don't get attached to the character at all.  What I'm wanting to do is more heavily weight it by faction based on their stereotype with a small chance of just generating from name lists I can pronounce and completely remove the name lists I cant pronounce.
For example:

Kurita:  90 percent weighted towards a Japanese name. 10 percent the other English/French/German
Liao: 60 percent weighted towards a Chinese name.  30 percent wgthd towards Russian.  10 percent the other English/French/German
Steiner: 90 percent Gernam  10 percent other

This is the chart I'm loosely going by:

Draconis Combine - Japanese ----- Swedenese, Arabic, English
Federated Suns - English ----- French, German, Hindi, Russian
Capellan Confederation - Mandarin ----- English, Russian, Scottish, Gaelic, Hindi, Arabic
Free Worlds League - English ----- Spanish, Greek, Romanian, Urdu
Lyran Alliance - German ----- Scottish, Gaelic, Italian, Swedish, English
Free Rasalhague Republic - Swedish ----- English, Japanese, Swedenese, German
Taurian Concordat - English ----- Spanish, French
Magistracy of Canopus - English ----- Spanish, Greek, Romanian, Urdu
Outworlds Alliance - English ----- Japanese, French

What I'm trying to do is figure out how to read the existing files so I can weight them to my own tastes.  For example this is the current Kurita file.


Now I still need to go in and see which of those languages are causing me the most trouble but also I'm wanting to overall weight this thing so the primary language is far more dominant.  The problem is I can't read that.  There is no guide or documentation on what the numbers mean.
Sadly, the most complete documentation is simply the documentation of the responsible Java class file ...

Quote:Files are located in Configuration.namesDir(). All files are comma-delimited text files.

The masterancestry.txt file shows the correspondence between the different ethnic names and their numeric code in the database. This file is currently not actually read in by MM, but is provided as a reference. The same numeric code must be used across all of the files listed below. Currently the numeric codes must be listed in exact sequential order (i.e. no skipping numbers) for the program to work correctly.

The name database is located in three files: firstname_males.txt, firstname_females.txt, and surnames.txt. There ar three comma-delimited fields in each of these data files: fld1,fld2,fld3
•fld1 - The name itself, either a male/female first name or a surname.
•fld2 - a frequency weight to account for some names being more common than others. Currently this is not being used.
•fld3 - the numeric code identifying the "ethnic" group this name belongs to.

Faction files are located in Configuration.namesDir()/factions. The name that is given before ".txt" is used as the key for the faction. The faction files will have varying number of fields depending on how many ethnic groups exist. The faction file does two things. First, it identifies the relative frequency of different ethnic surnames for a faction. Second, it identifies the correspondence between first names and surnames. This allows, for example, for more Japanese first names regardless of surname in the Draconis Combine. There should be a line in the Faction file for each ethnic group.
•fld1 - the id for the ethnic group
•fld2 - the ethnic group name. Not currently read in, just for easy reference.
•fld3 - The relative frequency of this ethnic surname in the faction.
•fld4-fldn - These fields identify the relative frequency of first names from an ethnic group given the surname listed in fld1.
actually that answers my question

•fld1 - the id for the ethnic group
•fld2 - the ethnic group name. Not currently read in, just for easy reference.
•fld3 - The relative frequency of this ethnic surname in the faction.
•fld4-fldn - These fields identify the relative frequency of first names from an ethnic group given the surname listed in fld1.

That not only explains it it tells me how to add additional name lists.  Thanks!

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