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ATB not generating battles...
Hello !

I'm playing Clan Ghost Bear in 2750 with ATB rules. Every month, I receive a Contract market updated message in blue but never got a mission, contract or scenario. I'm playing with mechhq 0.3.29

Anyone can help me please ?

Thank's in advance, i'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong. I have a lance of 5400bv ready, undammaged etc...
I'm not even sure AtB has any data for you to play a faction which won't exist for 57 more years ... (the Ghost Bears were founded in 2807-06-11, along with the other original Clans). No wonder it doesn't "know" what to do with you.

Actual AtB experts might chime in with some tips and more info about how to make it work anyway.
It isn't generating battles because AtB has no data for clans in that era. They don't exist yet.

Last summer some ideas were tossed around regarding Clan vs Princess AtB setups.

They are not implemented in MHQ but here are the two docs.
You might also try making sure your Star has a Role Assigned and that you don't have limit lance sized turned on in AtB Options.

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