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Unusually high CPU and memory usage
I just started using this program and let me just say that it is awesome. Really powerful and just great. Thank you developers!

Just one issue. It seems to consume a huge amount of CPU power and memory. It can get a little slow (and I'm not talking about the bot). I took a screenshot of task manager while using it. This 'intense' usage persists throughout, not just in the lobby. Anyone else experiencing this? Is this normal?

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That memory usage isn't abnormal, but the CPU load is really high.  Unfortunately, there's not much I can tell just from the task manager output.  We've seen reports like this on occasion, but it's a hard issue to track down.  What tileset are you using? If you don't know, you probably haven't changed it and are using the default.
I'm using hq isometric. Could that cause the heavy CPU use?
Yep, the animated water (that are part of HQ iso), shadows, darken field outside of view, and all those graphical enhancements will do it for me as well.
Wow I switched to isometric and it made a huge difference. I didn't think those graphics were that demanding. My cpu thanks you.
The problem is that the way MM renders the board isn't designed to be run constantly, and instead only update areas that need to be updated when they need it.  So, it's not designed to be rendering at 30 FPS.  However, for animation to work, you *do* need to keep rendering constantly.  So, the animated tiles do technically work, but in a way that keeps the CPU working.
Ahh, thanks for explaining that. I was wondering why it was so intensive for relatively simple animations.

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