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New Unpopular Unit Images
Redo Heavy Transport B1

Attached Files
.png   Heavy Transport B1 (Standard).png (Size: 512 bytes / Downloads: 115)
These have been added.
Command Van based on Japanese Command Vehicle

Attached Files
.png   Command Van (Standard).png (Size: 650 bytes / Downloads: 99)
Forgot about the machine gun for the command van...

Attached Files
.png   Command Van (Standard).png (Size: 645 bytes / Downloads: 95)
Sherpa Armored Truck (Standard)
Sherpa Armored Truck (MASH)
Stoat Scout Car (Standard) - Rescaled

Edit: Updated Tracks

Attached Files
.png   Sherpa Armored Truck (MASH).png (Size: 788 bytes / Downloads: 68)
.png   Sherpa Armored Truck (Standard).png (Size: 775 bytes / Downloads: 68)
.png   Stoat Scout Car (Standard).png (Size: 742 bytes / Downloads: 86)
BattleMech Recovery Vehicle (Standard)
Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle (Standard)

Attached Files
.png   BattleMech Recovery Vehicle (Standard).png (Size: 702 bytes / Downloads: 84)
.png   Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle (Standard).png (Size: 944 bytes / Downloads: 84)
Randolph Support Vehicle (Standard)

EDIT: Updated

Attached Files
.png   Randolph Support Vehicle (Standard).png (Size: 922 bytes / Downloads: 69)
Carter Medical Emergency Response Vehicle (Standard)

Edit: Updated

Attached Files
.png   Carter Medical Emergency Response Vehicle (Standard).png (Size: 841 bytes / Downloads: 72)
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Standard)
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Cargo)
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Reverse)
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII (Standard)

Attached Files
.png   Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Standard).png (Size: 1.34 KB / Downloads: 69)
.png   Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Cargo).png (Size: 1.31 KB / Downloads: 70)
.png   Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Reverse).png (Size: 1.39 KB / Downloads: 70)
.png   Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII (Standard).png (Size: 1.3 KB / Downloads: 72)
Chi-Ha Infantry Combat Vehicle (Standard)
Buffalo BFFL Hovertruck (Standard)
Buffalo Drone Bomb (Standard) - Same as above

Attached Files
.png   Chi-Ha Infantry Combat Vehicle.png (Size: 868 bytes / Downloads: 65)
.png   Buffalo BFFL Hovertruck (Standard).png (Size: 968 bytes / Downloads: 64)
.png   Buffalo Drone Bomb (Standard).png (Size: 968 bytes / Downloads: 67)
Hi Mega,

Going to be adding the last batch of these.  But can you change something for me in the naming.  If the unit would be used in the mechset as a chassis can you delete the (Standard) from the image file name.  If the unit is using exact please include the NAME (MODEL).EXTENSION

So using the Buffel what we want for naming is:
chassis "Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII" "vehicles/Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII.png"
exact "Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Cargo)" "vehicles/Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Cargo).png"
exact "Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Reverse)" "vehicles/Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VII (Reverse).png"
chassis "Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII" "vehicles/Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII.png"

It keeps consistency with what we have for the other unit.

Other than that, keep up the good work they look great.
Got it, thanks.
Aquilla Transport Jumpship

Attached Files
.png   Aquilla Transport Jumpship_original.png (Size: 1.42 KB / Downloads: 84)
.png   Aquilla Transport Jumpship.png (Size: 3.76 KB / Downloads: 86)
Black Lion Battlecruiser
Black Lion I-Battlecruiser
Same image, different chassis name

Attached Files
.png   Black Lion Battlecruiser_original.png (Size: 1.08 KB / Downloads: 85)
.png   Black Lion Battlecruiser.png (Size: 4.06 KB / Downloads: 83)
.png   Black Lion I-Battlecruiser_original.png (Size: 1.08 KB / Downloads: 82)
.png   Black Lion I-Battlecruiser.png (Size: 4.06 KB / Downloads: 87)
Bonaventure Corvette

Attached Files
.png   Bonaventure Corvette_original.png (Size: 823 bytes / Downloads: 83)
.png   Bonaventure Corvette.png (Size: 1.84 KB / Downloads: 85)
Vigilant Corvette

Attached Files
.png   Vigilant Corvette_original.png (Size: 613 bytes / Downloads: 85)
.png   Vigilant Corvette.png (Size: 1.97 KB / Downloads: 88)
Hammer... the shading looked weird even when using Colonel's script... you might want to modify it again.
Hi Mega,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I'll take them.  They are a huge improvement over not having them.  I think the issue is the smaller ones blur.

Maybe make them slightly larger. Also I'd love to see more warships.

These will be added soon.
Commonwealth Light Cruiser

Attached Files
.png   Commonwealth Light Cruiser_original.png (Size: 1.5 KB / Downloads: 68)
.png   Commonwealth Light Cruiser.png (Size: 2.83 KB / Downloads: 67)

Attached Files
.png   Cruiser_original.png (Size: 1.09 KB / Downloads: 67)
.png   Cruiser.png (Size: 3.74 KB / Downloads: 67)

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