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New Unpopular Unit Images
Defender Battlecruiser

Attached Files
.png   Defender Battlecruiser_original.png (Size: 1.36 KB / Downloads: 57)
.png   Defender Battlecruiser.png (Size: 3.1 KB / Downloads: 57)
(09-25-2016, 09:55 PM)Hammer link Wrote: Maybe make them slightly larger.

I'm actually using the template below for the size (with up to +/- 2 size based on TRO image). And as a corvette.. it is the smallest of the warship class... well... it is small.... Tongue

Attached Files
.png   Unit Size Template - Warship.png (Size: 824 bytes / Downloads: 57)
(09-25-2016, 11:12 PM)SirMegaV link Wrote: [quote author=Hammer link=topic=2449.msg17131#msg17131 date=1474854959]
Maybe make them slightly larger.

I'm actually using the template below for the size (with up to +/- 2 size based on TRO image). And as a corvette.. it is the smallest of the warship class... well... it is small.... Tongue

Sounds like a good idea? Are you thinking of re-scaling the existing warship images?
Rescaling existing sprites using GIMP rescale function might not work when it's pixel art.. Will need to redo. Therefore no plan at this moment unless there are specific request. There's just too many missing still, will work on that first. But might rescale the existing APC sprites because I find it offensive to be bigger than my tanks. Lol
Added those last three, looking forward to seeing the next group.
Remake of Cruiser 'Cruiser'. The previous is too big and ugly....

Attached Files
.png   Cruiser_original.png (Size: 1.38 KB / Downloads: 96)
.png   Cruiser.png (Size: 3.39 KB / Downloads: 93)
Dreadnought Battleship (2330)

Attached Files
.png   Dreadnought Battleship (2330)_original.png (Size: 1.26 KB / Downloads: 93)
.png   Dreadnought Battleship (2330).png (Size: 4.03 KB / Downloads: 94)
Essex Destroyer
Essex I Destroyer

Attached Files
.png   Essex Destroyer.png (Size: 2.66 KB / Downloads: 94)
.png   Essex Destroyer_original.png (Size: 982 bytes / Downloads: 94)
.png   Essex I Destroyer.png (Size: 2.66 KB / Downloads: 93)
.png   Essex I Destroyer_original.png (Size: 982 bytes / Downloads: 92)
League Destroyer

Attached Files
.png   League Destroyer_original.png (Size: 975 bytes / Downloads: 92)
.png   League Destroyer.png (Size: 1.83 KB / Downloads: 93)
Those look great!  Keep'em coming.
Winchester Cruiser

Attached Files
.png   Winchester Cruiser_original.png (Size: 1.52 KB / Downloads: 76)
.png   Winchester Cruiser.png (Size: 3.44 KB / Downloads: 76)
Narukami Destroyer

Attached Files
.png   Narukami Destroyer_original.png (Size: 1.13 KB / Downloads: 77)
.png   Narukami Destroyer.png (Size: 2.77 KB / Downloads: 77)
Caravan Heavy Transport based on fluff image using frame for Airbus A400M or M400A or something like that...

Attached Files
.png   Caravan Heavy Transport_original.png (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 77)
.png   Caravan Heavy Transport.png (Size: 5.22 KB / Downloads: 75)
Firebird FR-1

Attached Files
.png   Firebird_original.png (Size: 1.2 KB / Downloads: 62)
.png   Firebird.png (Size: 3.23 KB / Downloads: 62)
Hurricane Conventional Fighter

Attached Files
.png   Hurricane Conventional Fighter_original.png (Size: 1.06 KB / Downloads: 62)
.png   Hurricane Conventional Fighter.png (Size: 3.07 KB / Downloads: 61)
Intrepid Assault Craft (2331)
Intrepid Assault Craft (2478)

Attached Files
.png   Intrepid Assault Craft (2331)_original.png (Size: 1.59 KB / Downloads: 62)
.png   Intrepid Assault Craft (2331).png (Size: 4.81 KB / Downloads: 62)
.png   Intrepid Assault Craft (2478)_original.png (Size: 1.59 KB / Downloads: 61)
.png   Intrepid Assault Craft (2478).png (Size: 4.79 KB / Downloads: 62)
Vendetta Medium Fighter

Attached Files
.png   Vendetta Medium Fighter_original.png (Size: 1.2 KB / Downloads: 50)
.png   Vendetta Medium Fighter.png (Size: 3.72 KB / Downloads: 50)
Mosquito Light Fighter

Attached Files
.png   Mosquito Light Fighter_original.png (Size: 849 bytes / Downloads: 50)
.png   Mosquito Light Fighter.png (Size: 2.83 KB / Downloads: 50)
Strike Falcon Attack VTOL

Attached Files
.png   Strike Falcon Attack VTOL_original.png (Size: 1.58 KB / Downloads: 50)
.png   Strike Falcon Attack VTOL.png (Size: 4.45 KB / Downloads: 50)
Rescalled warships size chart... redoing almost all warships.... Sad

Aquilla Transport Jumpship
Bonaventure Corvette

Attached Files
.png   Aquilla Transport Jumpship_original.png (Size: 1.04 KB / Downloads: 40)
.png   Aquilla Transport Jumpship.png (Size: 4.08 KB / Downloads: 40)
.png   Bonaventure Corvette_original.png (Size: 741 bytes / Downloads: 40)
.png   Bonaventure Corvette.png (Size: 2.5 KB / Downloads: 40)

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