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Successful ship search
Anyone know (besides the obvious) what the result of a successful ship search should be? I've had several successes, but no visible ship anywhere either in the market or in the hangar. It feels simply like a $100k weekly tax on the stupid. Smile
The ship captain will appear in the personnel market. Hire the captain to buy the ship and add the crew to your personnel.
Ahhh... that explains it. So, no discount for it? Not sure I see the benefit when you can simply go purchase the exact unit you want from the marketplce menu instead of paying $100k a week for a ship you may or may not want.
The unit market and the ship search are there to limit availability: just because a unit may exist in the year the campaign is set in doesn't mean you can find one available for purchase. If you follow the rules strictly, the only ways to get new units are through the unit market and the personnel market (or through salvage). If you decide not to be that strict and choose to be able to purchase whatever you want, then the ship search option does not apply in your campaign.
Ok. That makes sense. Thanks!

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