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scenario workaround?
Is there some way for me to be able to deploy all of the units for both sides and save a game so that it can be reloaded ?

Thanks for the help!
There is a save game function when you are in game.  FILE-GAME-SAVE LOCALLY
but I don't want a bot to deploy any units.
How do I deploy the units for both sides?
start a new game/launch from HQ in one window and then open up another instance of MM and click connect to a game and copy and paste your machine IP and port into that window to take control of the bot.  Then you can just kick the opfor player (/who to get each players ID# and then /kick 1 usually IRC).  Then at the top left of the screen go to file>replace player and then add in the bot after you have deployed all her units for her.......kinda clunky but, thats what we have to work with.
Ok, thank you.  That worked!

Here's the next part, though:
Now that I have the "scenario" saved ... how can I get a bot to control one of the sides?
File>Game>Replace Player...

And will give you a pop up window allowing you to replace the other player(s).

you already said that ... sorry I missed it.
Thank you for the help!

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