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Seeking community feedback for the creation of an AtB Manual
Everyone we've had someone volunteer to start creating a manual for AtB in MHQ and MM.  The document attached should be considered version .1.

What we are looking for is suggestions and sections for the text file. 

A few guidelines. 

1) NO Bug reports those go to tracker.
2) NO Feature Request either they do to the tracker
3) Try and following the layout currently in place.
4) If anyone wants to comb the forums either here or CGL's to add stuff please do.

Suggestions to add to the document can be posted here.  But better still would be Against the Bot via mekhq documentation/manual

You will be required to open a GitHub account to post there.

Attached Files
.txt   AtB.documentation.txt (Size: 13.41 KB / Downloads: 25)
The master document is now available for public viewing on Google Docs here: Against the Bot manual. Anybody who would like to contribute can send me an email address via forum PM or email (my username at and I will give you edit permissions.
Awesome Big Grin I'm reading it right now and is this just like a quick-start guide? And will go more in depth over time right?  (trying so hard not to volunteer for another project xD)
The against_the_bot.txt file that's currently part of the distro is a quick start guide I wrote for people who had used the system befoee it was in MHQ and isn't a big help to prople new to the system. This is the beginning of a full manual that someone started putting together and I hope it makes the whole thing more approachable. as the coder I'm likely to make certain assumptions about what is clear and what is not, so other than adding some points of clarification I plan to let players decide what should be in the manual. At this point I'd like to keep the process informal and let anybody make whatever changes they like, sort of like a one-page wiki. If that doesn't work, we'll try something else. Requesting edit access does not commit you to anything.
I mentioned this in the ticket, but I discussed making the MegaMek GitHub wiki publicly writable.  I think documentation in general is a big issue for MM, MHQ, and AtB.  Having a way that the community can contribute to documentation would really help.
Something I would like to see is more information on what the different options in the menu do.  Alot of it I can piece together but some of the options aren't explained very well.  A section of the manual that just walks you through the options on each screen for Campaign options and Megamek options would be useful.  Perhaps with a little more information than what the tool tip currently gives.  For example listing what bonuses and penalties are applied by Era when you tick the Era Mods box.
I haven't posted here before. I am very interested in the AtB campaign and have been studying it for the last week. I understood a lot of things, I able to run a campaign on my own, but there are a few things that are still not clear to me. I looked online for answers, I even tried to find an updated documentation which led me here.

I would like to suggest some additions to the documentation file.

For instance,

1. it is not clear which parts of the excel are automated on MekHQ and which are not.
2. Training exp rewarded are ambiguous in the xls. In one instance is stated that are given 1xp for a 'training lance' (how often? weekly? monthly?). In another instance it is stated that training exp are given 1xp per turn (of combat I assume).
3. It is not clear how to add reinforcements. Actually the mechanics are not included in the documentation.

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