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Stop nuking my salvage!
Anyone know of a way to get our so called 'allies' in AtB scenarios to stop hunting down and nuking still 'alive' but disabled units? Like a perfectly good mech with an uncon pilot who can't abandon but the allies come up and core the silly thing.

Stop it already! Tongue
Part of the challenge of having Integrated or house command is that you dont control the AI.  Its supposed to be annoying.  That being said there are some commands you can type in to "command" the ai.  This is from the Ai_readme

Bot Support
    The bot will understand if you put it on a team (and friendly fire is turned
    off) that it is friends with that team. Currently, it has very limited
    coordination with units that are not under its control. To help this
    situation out, when other team members direct chat to the bot (for example,
    if you name the bot Fred, enter "Fred: ..." at the chat bar where ... is
    your command) that will cause its behavior to change. Supported commands are:
    be aggressive -- gives it a preference for doing damage (wears off when the
        bot is damaged)
    calm down -- gives it a preference for being safe (wears off if winning)
      --More to come!
    Example usage would be to have the bot provide fire support and handle close
    range fighting yourself.

I've never used these commands myself so I dont know how well they work.
Such command exist??
Have for years and years... I don't recall Princess ever not having this feature.
ai-readme.txt is for TestBot.  You want docs/help/en/PrincessBotDocumentation.html for Princess-specific commands.

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