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New Java upadate will not load Mek Hq
I updated my java this morning and now I keep getting a launch 4j error and I have re-installed Mek Hq 3.23, 3.29, and 3.31 none of them are working I also re-installed Java. Any other ideas?
Well I deleted a lot of stuff and got a message saying it needed Java 1.7 environment. So if you have done what I did and removed the "old" Java it won't work lucky for me we have Google and was able to re-install the old 1.7! Hope this helps others!
Im running MM and HQ just fine on 1.8.0_101, what is your operating system?  Are there any errors or NPEs in your log files?
If you were trying to use java version 9 that issue has already been ran into and a work around created:

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