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Unavailable parts
I'm curious what logic is used to determine unavailable parts.

I'm running an AtB campaign in 3053 and it's telling me that endo-steel body parts are not available. By 3053 they should be extremely available.
In AtB the availability of parts is restricted by the type of contract you're in. You should be able to get most parts in a garrison duty contract, but raids are pretty restrictive and guerrilla is the most restrictive of all. If you're not in a contract, it is determined by your unit rating and admin/logistics personnel. If you find this too restrictive you can play without it by unchecking "restrict parts by mission type" on the AtB tab in Campaign Options.
Ahhhhh... thank explains it!

I am having a similar issue. Playing in 3025 and I think my RAT selection was wrong. I captured a few mechs that I can not completely repair, because I can not purchase things like double heat sinks. "Restrict parts by mission type is off". Is there another setting somewhere for restricting parts by year, or is that hard coded?

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