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Assigned techs
There's something funky with the techs and assignments. Sometimes when I go to unassign a tech, it says it's unassigned but it's still assigned. Also, for some reason, ALL of mechs (40+) suddenly got assigned to the same tech -- a Veteran BA tech. Not sure how that has happened. Multiple times I've needed to manually edit the save game to reset the techs which are 'stuck'.

I haven't filed a bug on it yet because, honestly, I haven't been able to pin down a reproducible case.
I don't know if this will fix the problem but I find when mecHS starts acting up saving and reloading the campaign will fix the issue.
Are you using an older than the latest version of HQ and have the MM option "show unique ID# next to units name" enabled?  Or generated your meks in MM and then added the mul from that into HQ?  Those two combinations are the only time I encountered something similar to your issue.
Bloodwolf, nope. I am using the latest MekHQ and all mech handling is done within MekHQ... I only use MM for the fights.
Also, I've noticed that when a unit has a tech assigned to it and then I assign a pilot, sometimes the tech assignment disappears.
I've had the same issue.

My best guess at reproducing the error is adding techs to mechs through the right-click menu in the hangar (I normally use the personnel tab). Although if it was that simple, *someone* else should have stumbled across it by now.

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