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Repaired units do not recover repaired heat sinks
It looks like sometimes when heat sinks are damaged and then repaired that the units does not recover the ability to sink that heat. It happened to me before with an awesome, and now with a warhammer. It may be correlated to engine hits. Either way, there is nothing else for me to repair, but the heat sinks do not go back to max. The only way I have found to correct it is to use GM mode to remove the unit and then add a new one of the same type. Am I doing something wrong or is that a bug?
What version of MHQ is this happening in?
There have been some bug fixes since that version, see if the issue continues in the most current release.
I will update tonight. Can I copy over my campaign from 0.3.31, or do I need to start over? Also, is no longer an actively maintained page? If so, what is the best way to keep updated on the current version?

Thank you!
Everything is on github now
And yes you can copy over your campaign file, custom units, game options, anything custom/specific to your game just not the whole folder pasted onto the new one and you will be fine.
#7 as a website is not maintained.  The core domain, redirects to, however if you use a specific link (linke your it won't redirect.  If you go to, you will see recent downloads.

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