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Can not resolve battle after MM closes and return to MekHQ
I am having an issue with battle resolution. After launching a battle and playing to finish and saving the .mul file MM exits and MekHQ take over as normal, with "did you control the field..." an so on, but when I get to the end and click finish nothing happens, it just sits there. I have tried to resolve manually, and with many different .mul files. I have tried without changing any of the default options and changing everything from lost units, salvage, prisoners and victory status. Nothing works. Maybe I have a bad setting in campaign settings? or is this version bugged? Anyone have any ideas?

MekHq 0.41.24
MegaMek 0.41.24-git
This has been fixed in the latest version that came out today.
Wonderful thank you, can you post a link for dl? the links on the megamek page for MekHQ are not working
#4 This where everything has moved to.  MM on SF is about to be nuked and theyre phasing out the site from what i understand.

Click on whatever branch you want, next screen click Releases with the little paper tag icon next to it and then will take you to the downloads and release notes.

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