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"Chop Shop" a Mech
This maybe a noob question, but is it possible to break a mech down into individual components to be added to the warehouse.  With the PnP version, we used to scrounge parts from several wrecked mechs to bring another one back to functional condition.
On top of my head, might not be 100% accurate, at repair bay, right click the mech and select salvage. Then instead of repairs you are now salvaging.
That's how it works.

Also, if you salvage any 'Mechs that can't be repaired (i.e. destroyed CT) they will be set to 'salvage' by default.
Thanks, I'll try that out later.
Also, if a mech is undamaged and not in the Repair Bay as a result, you can still switch it to Salvage in the Hangar following the same steps.
Thanks, worked great - just what i wanted. Wink

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