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New releases MegaMek, MegaMekLab, MekHQ: v0.41.26
Hey everyone,

Gotta new releases here with a super cool new feature for MekHQ.  Mass Repair and Mass Salvage (MRMS). The notes for it will be below.

Here's the links:
MegaMek 0.41.26
•    New Sprites.
•    Issue #357: Mass Configure Allows mechs to be deployed off board
•    Issue #204: Planning jump path means any subsequent walk paths climb buildings
•    Issue #368: Duplicate Messages When Changing Sensors
•    Issue #380: Graphical artefacting behind the board when using plain skin
•    Issue #354: Better reporting for attacks against infantry using direct hits
•    Issue #354: Ultra/Rapid fire ACs against infantry handled incorrectly
•    Issue #381: HE ammo type missing in battle round report
•    New Sprites
•    Updating Turret Introdates.
•    adding XTRO V Primitives units (note the Ymir and Command Van has changed)
•    PR #252: HQ Support Vehicle fuel tracking
•    Added PR for Range Master support
•    Issue #375: Replace Player Inop After Loading From A Save In Lobby

MegaMekLab 0.41.26
•    Fix #35 by normalizing references to files to use the names of the data files
•    Updated MegaMek.jar to 0.41.26

MekHQ 0.41.26
•    Issue #204: AtB generates empty unit markets with traditional RATS
•    Fixed bug with Export to MUL setting deployment round to -1 instead of 0
•    Issue #103: Dragoon Rating (FMM:Rev) Decreases as Dropship Carrying Capacity is Used
•    Converted Interstellar Ops Beta Unit Rating to Campaign Ops Unit Rating to match the released version of the rules
•    Added additional details to both the Dragoons and Campaign Ops Unit rating reports
•    Issue #215: CO Rating showing tech shortage due to infantry
•    Added PR for Range Master support
•    Updated MegaMek.jar to allow building with Range Master support
•    Added PR for Mass Repair and Salvage
•    Added PR for Refurbishment
•    Added PR for Repair task icons
•    New force icon pieces and categories
•    Updated MegaMek.jar and MegaMekLab.jar to 0.41.26

Mass Repair and Mass Salvage Notes
Taken from this thread - Mass Repair and Mass Salvage

I created a way to do configurable mass repair/salvage. Having used MekHQ for over 200 campaign fights, the time to perform repairs is to most time consuming part. Looking to improve that, I've added this small feature. In essence, it creates adds a menu item when right clicking on a unit in the repair tab. The menu item allows to perform all possible (as configured) repairs or salvages.

Within the campaign configuration is additional configurations that allow a user to determine what things are eligible for mass action. For each of the groups (see below for groups), you can configure if it's active, what the min skill level to handle it is and the min/max BTHs.
The groups are:
• Armor
• Ammo
• Weapons
• Mek/Tank Locations
• Gyros
• Engines
• Actuators
• Electronics (Cockpit, life support, sensors)
• Other

Additionally, you can configure if the system will:
• use extra time lower the BTH for a tech to the desired target
• use 'rush job' to increase the BTH on easy jobs (i.e., an elite repairing armor)
• allow carry-over to the next day(s), i.e., allowing a tech to perform
a task that will tke more than their currently available tech minutes
The system, when activated, will find all parts needing repair/salvage and all techs that could work on it based upon skill type. It then determines, for each tech, if they can perform the task based upon
configured minumim skill level and target BTHs. If allowed, the system will attempt to alter the BTH by using extra time/rush job. Once the list of valid techs is found, the system will pick the one with the least skill (to aid in increasing techs skills).

[Image: nxkpU9Sl.png]

One launched, the new dialog allows you to select multiple units to act on at one time. The upper part shows the valid units and lets you select directly from the table, select units that are assigned to pilots, select units that are not assigned and clear the selection.

[Image: ObyB9Mcl.png]
The lower part are the settings we had before (with better explanations) as well as an additional setting to limit the max skill level. So, if you want to deal with repairs by elites yourself, set the max skill level to Veteran.
Finally, you can kick off the MRMS from the button. Additionally, you can tell the system to save the current settings as the new default which means the next time the dialog is launched, these will be the default settings.

[Image: PtNuWC1l.png]

On the backend, I did a lot of cleanup and made sure it worked smoother. The biggest backend addition is how the system handles meks w/ shoulder or hip crits. These issues take priority over all other repairs. If there is a damaged limb with a bad shoulder or hip and you're trying to REPAIR the unit, the system will flip the unit to salvage mode and remove all existing parts from the limb(s) in question. It will NOT use extra time to do, so all repairs must be completed in a day and not overlap. The reason is that the tasklist UI is none-to-friendly if you have a unit in 'repair' mode but it has 'salvage' actions happening... i.e., it doesn't show them. Getting back to the flow, once all parts are removed from the limb(s), the system will then scrap the limb(s), rebuild the list of repairs to do and continue on its merry way.

Now, because I know it's a pain in everyone's butt, I lumped an additional change in here... mostly because it's built off the code for identifying what type of part everything else. Bloodwolf and I worked on a change for the repair list to show different icons for different parts. BW did the images, I did the backend. Again, this is built off some of the MRMS code, which is why it's here, but it's very encapsulated and can be turned off.

Enjoy everyone.

Link to CGL forum Post:

Come join our Slack Channel to chat with Dev's and other players.

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