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Suggestion: Proper hands instead of nubs
NOTE: I already sent a pm to Deadborder about this, but the "powers that be" encouraged me to start a discussion on this as well.

So to start, I know we all need more work like we need a hole in the head, but I can't help feeling the current art has a serious case of "baby hands" syndrome.  Keep in mind, I find the art change generally an improvement and hats off to the previous artists for all their hard work.  It's just those hands... they look kind of anemic.

Other issues include but are not limited to melee weapons.  Many of those just look wrong or awkward.  I'm in nursing school so my free time is limited, but since I'm basically redoing the hands on my own anyway, I might as well see if there is any interest for this at a wider level.

Compare and contrast new art vs old art (with minor updates by me) in the attachment below.
NOTE: after I took this image, I have figured out how to use the shadow script in gimp so I can make old art more closely match the new art... except with more "manly" hands of course. Wink

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
More examples i made using the new shadow scripts and with beefed up hands.

NOTE: the claw on the awesome shows up much better against a bright background (right click/view image in new tab to get a better look).

Attached Files
.png   Awesome AWS-9R.png (Size: 6.48 KB / Downloads: 35)
.png   Black Knight.png (Size: 6.14 KB / Downloads: 33)
.png   Black Knight4.png (Size: 6.39 KB / Downloads: 33)
.png   Shadow Hawk SHD-Duvhok.png (Size: 4.67 KB / Downloads: 33)
You might want to open this on the official forums.  We have very low traffic on these forums.
(11-06-2016, 04:27 PM)Hammer link Wrote: You might want to open this on the official forums.  We have very low traffic on these forums.
i will as soon as i have time.  got another exam tomorrow Sad

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